Having a Fling With an Older Woman

Nowadays the in-thing for men is going out with women who are older than them. Of course there are a number of benefits to this such as a higher maturity level and less insecurity but for some people it is as simple as desiring older women more than younger ones. Meeting older women is not as hard as it looks and with the help of the tips below, you will soon gain practice and confidence.

The first thing you can do is to make a point of going to places where cougar generally congregate or visit. Bars and clubs are a first and this is where you will find older women in the largest numbers.

Remember older women will usually be in large or small groups so you will have to employ the tactics laid out below in order to separate the one of your choice from her friends.

Dancing is one way to accomplish this. This also gives you a chance to tell her a little bit about yourself and for you to find out a little about her. Make sure to practice your moves in advance so that you do not make a fool out of yourself.

The more comfortable you are with your body, the more confidence you will exude which has a direct impact on how attractive you appear to the next person.

Remember only attractiveness is not going to get you very far, you need to be suitably knowledgeable. You need to be able to converse with confidence on a variety of topics. Older women have experienced more of life so they are not going to be impressed with a dull, uninformed boy who doesn’t know what he is talking about. If you can talk confidently, you are going to go very far indeed in the older women arena.

Being very kind and nice is also going to work out in your favor since older women respond greatly to that especially if they are recovering from something traumatic like a divorce. Buying them drinks also forms a lasting impression of generosity.

After this you will be able to get the woman’s number and you can initiate a first date from there. Make sure you call after a few days and don’t leave a lot of gap of time in-between calls. The more attentive you are the better response you will get.

There are two great websites for these types of people who want to meet.  Rather than review them individually, I’m just going to place links to where you can find out more information about them.

The first one is Adult Friend Finder.  The second one, is the Fling.com online dating site.  Both are very well trafficked and used sites.  You can check out those reviews and figure out which one you would like to use.  (Or like this guy you can use both!)

7 Things That Girls Should Not Do In A Date

bgr_bannerWant to make your date unforgettable and work? Many girls are failed in their first date because of how they act and talk. They are misunderstood and guys would not ask for second date to those girls who they find not good for them or they are way too much. These are the common mistakes that girls should not do when they are on their date, so take time to know these 7 things that you should not do and no doubt that you will get your second date in no time.

1. Starting the conversation with phony girl effect – never ever do a phony girl effect either flirting or in a conversation, because guys never like girls like that. They want a girl who are open and shows their real personality.

2. Wearing out of the style clothes – guys love to date to those girls who knows how to wear clothes and be able to follow trends. It does not mean that they are picky for girls, they just want to be proud of their girlfriend to show it to their friends.

3. Hiding their true self – guys want to know the real personality of a girl that they want to date with, so if you are going to date someone, make sure that you show your true self and that you are not pretending to be someone else. I tell you they will know when you are pretending or not.

dating-show4. Letting guys feel that they are uncomfortable to talk to – never let the guy feel that you are uncomfortable that you are with him. This will never work for a guy, so if you are looking forward for the second date then make it easier for him to know you.

5. Too picky and talking too much about herself – some girls never even bother to ask the guys part, which is way too bad for your first date, not unless you choose to turn the guy down and leave no room for him. It is normal that you talk about yourself, but take it slow and let him ask you some questions first. It would also help, if you ask the guys experience and goals in life. Guys love girls who are interested on them and not just for the fame or dime.

6. Taking the date long – if this is your first date, then you should not take it too long because this will lead to unhappy result. The guy may get bored and end up not calling or texting you at the end of the night. The best time frame for your first date is up to 1 to 2 hours. Even if you want to stay a little bit longer, dont you dare because that will ruin your plan and would make a guy think that you really are into him.

7. Texting or calling the guy first – never ever text or call the guy after date. It is important to keep your impression low and dont let him feel that you crave for second date, because this means game over. Just relax, take some time, wait and flirt.

If things get messy in your date, then dont expect the guy to contact you so dont mess it up. Try to prevent those possible incident to happen, by using these following list and just show your true colors. It would be best to show the guy who you really are, so you dont have to pretend for further dates or relationship to come and if you really want to have a successful date.